About Us

PN Consulting is a Christchurch based engineering company managed by its founder and principal structural engineer, Piotr (Peter) Nowak. The ethos of our company embodies the qualities of our company logo, Celtic Dara knot, which symbolises integrity, strength, unity, and wisdom. These qualities are all central to how our company operates and interacts with people.

Each engineering problem has more than one possible solution, so if there is a well-tried and tested one, we will advise accordingly – the wheel does not need to be reinvented! But when a new angle is needed to meet our client’s specific needs, we will explore it.

We have capacity to deliver small to medium sized projects, however, Piotr also brings large project experience from Romania, the UK, and the USA, so when greater capacity is needed to meet your project needs, we can assemble a larger team through collaboration with other engineering companies.