About Us

About The Company Founder

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Silesian University of Technology in Poland, Piotr moved to the UK to pursue further education at Bradford University. Later, at the University of Sheffield, he was awarded a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering. Having practiced structural engineering for several years in various companies in the UK and Switzerland, at the end of 2010 Piotr set sail for New Zealand.

Some notable projects Piotr has worked on as a design or project engineer over a 15-year period include:


  • Road and pedestrian bridges in Poland.
  • Piotr’s footbridge in Krakow City, Poland was awarded 2nd prize in the ‘Young Members’ Competition – Design Communication Award 2008’, organised jointly by the Institution of Structural Engineers and the Concrete Centre.
  • Mid-rise residential apartments in the UK.
  • World Trade Center Transportation Hub in NYC, USA ($4B).
  • The Colosseum – the largest at the time (137,000 m2) shopping mall in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Various industrial structures at PT Inco nickel mine in Soroako, Indonesia.

In The Hills

Piotr also applies many of the skills required in structural engineering beyond the office as a mountaineer and rock climber. Like an engineering project, climbing a mountain or a rock route, usually offers more than one approach. It also demands careful planning, risk assessment, flexibility around New Zealand’s fickle weather, and those core qualities of integrity, strength, unity, and wisdom for a climbing team to succeed.

Piotr undertaking quick risk assessment prior to committing to the summit of Mt Brewster.